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I had a really hard experience being a first-time mom. Some graduate into Motherhood easily. Not me. I struggled with everything from birth, to nursing, to colic, to sleep, to everything. But the second baby? She was a breeze. Thank goodness you only have to be a first-time mom once.

And you only have to be a first-time traveler + kids + a foreign country once.

Day 1: Nicaragua Airport and Me

Here’s what passed through my mind during the first hour after arriving in Managua with our 4 little kids.

  1. Glad we didn’t die on the plane (the flights attendants said it was going to be extremely rough. It wasn’t. But I definitely mentally prepared for the worst the ENTIRE 3 HOUR FLIGHT).
  2. Wow we are here! 10 years of dreaming and 5 years of planning and we’re here!
  3. Do we tip the guys pulling the bags off the conveyer belt?
  4. What do you mean I need my bag tags!
  5. Remember not to drink the water!
  6. Should we wash our hands with the water?
  7. Do we have all the kids?
  8. Where are we going to get water for our 4 thirsty kids??
  9. How much do we tip the men who are loading our bags into the hotel van?
  10. Do we still have all the kids?
  11. Yes, I actually intend to buckle my baby into a carseat to drive across the street!
  12. Wow, it’s hot.
  13. I’m  sweating.
  14. We’re really hot.
  15. “Mom it’s hot.”
  16. What were we thinking…
  17. Thank goodness the Best Western across the street has air conditioning.

Just a friendly reminder not to drink the water…

Day 150ish: Nicaragua Airport and (the Experienced) Me

Fast forward 5 months: returning to Nicaragua after spending a few weeks in the Estados Unidos.

  1. Still glad we didn’t die on the plane (what can I say, I’m an aviophobe).
  2. We can buy all the drinking water we need at the hotel across the street.
  3. Of course we can wash our hands in the tap water.
  4. I forgot how to speak Spanish fluently in 1 month??!!
  5. Tip everyone the normal amount.
  6. Yes I will buckle my baby into her carseat to drive across the street (it’s crazy out there).
  7. And, yes, Managua is humid.
  8. Thank goodness for Best Western’s air conditioning.
  9. Thank goodness for Best Western’s swimming pools!
  10. Thank goodness for tomorrow’s awesome gourmet breakfast included with our stay.


Nicaragua part two here we come!

And while it’s an adventure to do something the first time, I also love the feeling that we know Nicaragua now. It’s part of our family experience. And Best Western Nicaragua will always be calling our name.